Black Hawk was our robot for the 2019-20 season. Black Hawk is able to load power cells from the ground and from the player station using its mechanum wheel vectored intake, making cycle times extremely fast. It is able to store up to 5 power cells in the conveyor mechanism. Two neos accelerated the power cells out of the conveyor and into the upper and inner ports. Our climber allowed us to rank very highly in the qualification matches and progress to the finals, with the highest endgame points of any team during the qualification matches.

We performed very well during the Miami Valley Regional, and were able to progress to the playoffs as the 5th ranked alliance at the competition as the alliance captain, along with our alliance mates, team 1559 (Devil Tech) and team 4467 (The Titanium Titans).

Our robot took quite a beating during the quarterfinal matches, but we were able to make it to the semi-finals, where we lost in a tiebreaker match to the 8th place alliance, captained by team 5492 (Winner’s Circle Robo-Jockeys). We were scheduled to compete in the Greater Pittsburgh Regional, but due to the cancellation of the 2019-2020 season, we were unable to attend this competition.

Team Leadership

Team Captains: Aaron Berger

Build Captain: Alex Echols

Competition Captains: Matias Badino and Peter Jacobs