Meet our Robot!

Our robot from the 2018 competition season was very similar to our robot from the 2019 competition, with much less ease-of-use and functionality. The central aspect was again an elevator that moved game pieces to scoring position, and an intake that picked up game pieces from the ground. Our record at the 2018 Pittsburgh Regional was 4-5-0, and we did not advance to the playoffs. Unfortunately, we do not have any close up photos of the subsystems in this robot, although we will describe the robot for you in as much detail as possible.

Game Theme:

Power Cube:

The elevator was two stages tall and allowed for access to all scoring positions on the field. Although, it did not perform reliably for the top-most position (the scale) on the field.

The intake consisted of the same basic materials as the 2018-19 robot, except the arms that the wheels rested on bent inward more. Although this was purposeful, it turned out to be a disadvantage, because it was nearly impossible to pick up the power cubes from anywhere except on the corners of the objects.

The robot was used mainly for scoring on the switches (the shorter scoring positions) and the vault (the ground level position) during matches. On occasion, some level of defense was played when other teams on our alliance were capable of beating the other alliance score-wise without our robot.

The 2018 robot was much less thoughtfully built than our newer FRC robot and did not perform nearly as well. Nonetheless, the ideas that stemmed from were still used on the 2019 robot and will continue to be used in the upcoming seasons.

Team Leadership

Team Captain: Vikram Baht

Build Captain: Boyang Li

Programming Captain: Aaron Berger

Manager: Benjamin Barash