Unfortunately, we don't have many details on our seasons prior to 2016-17. If you were on the team during this time, please get in contact with us! We would love to hear about your story regarding the team.

Our yearly statistics from FIRST Robotics Competition Regionals are, however, still available on multiple websites, along with video of every single one of our matches since the team's inception. Check out our past games and regionals! Keep in mind, we've improved significantly, so our most impressive year is the most recent one, where we finished one match from advancing to the world championships!

TBA (The Blue Alliance)

The Blue Alliance has information regarding the matches, specific details on our alliance's total scoring, and our record from each regional from each year.

FIRST Records

The official FIRST Robotics Competition records store our regional competitions well: you can see which competitions we attended each year.

This site is better for larger-scale research and inquiries onto other teams we competed with and against, award winners from the competitions we attended, etc. Generally, this website has a lot more information but is a bit harder to maneuver than TBA (above).