Our team depends on donations to operate, so we are thankful for every donation!

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The Steel Dragons Robotics Team is an incredible bridge for students to the engineering and computer science fields. Unfortunately, due to public school budget constraints, not much funding goes into the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs such as the robotics team. However, our robotics team does not give up! Each year, we build a fundraising team that works to ensure that monetary support is not our limiting factor. Because of our success, we have been able to survive and performed incredibly in past two seasons.

However, building a robot is still a costly endeavor. The team strives to create a real learning experience accessible to all students, which involves creating a professional-grade robot ready for competition. Using recent tools and software helps keep students ready for engineering in the future. Mentorship is also crucial, giving the team oversight and advice from those who are currently in the STEM fields. 

We will use all funds for competition fees, robot parts, necessary tools, mentorship, and transportation. 

Thank you! Every dollar counts!

TIER 4 SPONSORS: ($2500+)

Tier 3 sponsors: ($1000+)

Tier 2 sponsors: ($500+)




Tier 1 sponsors: ($100+)

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