Josh Caputo

Josh Caputo founded Humotech in 2015 as a spin-off from research based on his PhD thesis work in the Experimental Biomechatronics Laboratory (directed by Steve Collins) at Carnegie Mellon University. Josh’s driving passion is for developing and commercializing cutting-edge robotics technology that addresses current societal needs while at the same time helping us to realize our dreams for the future of robotics. Josh began helping the Steel Dragons in 2018 with electronics, design, and building expertise.

Matt Ittigson

Matt Ittigson is an Engineering Manager at Google Pittsburgh and has been working on Google Shopping since 2010. He's an Allderdice alumnus who remembers friends founding the team way, way long ago. Helping students grow as leaders and teammates, some gentle nudging about project management and deadlines, and learning about robotics along with the team is how Matt stays involved. He began mentoring the Steel Dragons in 2016 in conjunction with funding support from Google.

Bener Suay

Bener Suay is a Senior Robotics Engineer at the National Robotics Engineering Center. He designs, implements, evaluates and documents algorithms for real world robotics applications. Currently, he is the technical lead of an ongoing industrial robotic manipulation project and a construction machine automation project. Bener began helping the Steel Dragons in 2018 with design, electronics, programming, and team management expertise.